Kids Martial Arts Classes

Kids Martial Arts Classes

Discipline & Respect – Our Primal Principles

In The Fight Centre, skill comes second. Nothing matters more to us than you – how you treat trainers and students & how they treat you. Everyone has a special place in our boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing classes. Our kids martial art classes value discipline and mutual respect above all.

Our Martial Arts Classes For Kids

Around the world, boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai have long gained popularity among adults. It’s no surprise, then, that martial arts for kids are also at an all-time high. It’s our duty to nurture the next generation in our kids’ martial arts classes and imbue them with values and good habits they’ll bring for life.

The sport is great for children in many ways. They can learn from a young age self-defense skills.

Ben Johnston is an Australian champion and a pro with large groups of young students. Parents can trust that no one is more perfect and qualified to train their kids!

These classes welcome boys and girls from ages 6 to 12 years, with or without experience in sports. The gym has some spare protective equipment for your child to use while deciding if they enjoy it. Our experts would also supervise them and keep them safe from injury. Parents are welcome to stay and watch the classes take place.

Why Choose TFC for your kids

Our Approach

“As trainers and fighters, we must constantly be aware of what example we are setting for our students, especially our younger ones. In our kids’ Muay Thai classes, we make an effort to keep things fun and interesting, but we also provide structure and supervision so that the fun doesn’t turn into mischief.

Since teaching and fighting is not only our job but also our hobby, our trainers have no interest in standing in front of our students’ kids and barking orders. We have found that the kids are far more likely to respond to what we teach with encouragement and positive reinforcement. This way, on the rare occasion that a voice needs to be raised, the kids know that we are serious and mean business! We hope to have as much fun teaching them as they have learned, which results in a great atmosphere during the lessons!”

Ben Johnston
Head Trainer, The Fight Centre – Brisbane

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