Boxing To Increase Your Fitness Level

It’s easy to overlook the history of boxing in Brisbane. Ever since the days of the historical boxing events held at Brisbane’s (now closed) Festival Hall, Boxing in Brisbane and Logan has been a popular past time. Many great fighters throughout the years have represented our great city, such as Jeff horn, Paul Briggs, Jarrod Fletcher, and Alex Leapai just to name a few.

What You Can Expect In Our Boxing Classes

We cater to a first time student looking to learn the sport to get fitness and gain some skills and knowledge.

Classes cover a range of different aspects to ensure you can not only improve your boxing but also improve your fitness and overall health!

We gradually build up our intensity throughout the classes, so mostly we start with some light exercise followed by a dynamic warm-up to ensure we can go to work the next day injury free!

After we are warm and ready to go, we grab the gloves or pads and work on a technical aspect of boxing. This is led by one of our experienced instructors who will show various drills or techniques to the class, and then come around to give some personalised pointers. These drills are practised on the boxing bag, with a partner, or with some of the other tools we use designed to improve boxing technique.

Once the technical aspect of training is finished, we jump into our fitness training! We incorporate boxing and body exercises to ensure our participants get a solid workout. We mix it up every session and sometimes incorporate games and team races in with our fitness to make it is as fun as possible while you burn through those calories!

Come And See Why Our Members Are Loving Our Boxing Classes

We keep the keep all heavy contact and sparring out of every class except our designated sparring sessions on Wednesday night at 6:45 pm and Saturdays at 9:00 am. This way you can wait until you feel comfortable before attending any sparring. (see the full timetable for all classes) Our Boxing classes are run every weekday afternoon, and we also run morning boxing classes Monday to Saturday so you can start your day off the right way!

With Logan having a reputation for being tough, there is no doubt that boxing is a popular sport. In saying that, we at The Fight Centre – Brisbane have no time for any thuggish behaviour, and people with the wrong attitude are told to get their act together or leave the gym.

Our number one priority is the safety of our students, and no one’s ability to learn should be hindered by another student going to hard.

Boxing can help people to gain confidence and learn to be more comfortable, no matter what environment they’re in. Not only does it provide a platform for us to get a great workout, helping us to lose weight and feel more confident, but it also gives us the skills to protect ourselves possibly dangerous situations


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